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Live Healthy Pain Centers



Welcome to Live Healthy Pain Centers of MN! We are doctors specializing in treatment of pain of all types, with extensive experience and success helping our patients achieve the pain relief they are seeking, and often have not found at other clinics or pain centers. We provide an integrated, comprehensive approach including medical and chiropractic evaluations and treatment plans that incorporate  medication, massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and weight loss to ensure optimum success at pain relief and maximizing quality of life. We have been providing care to patients suffering with chronic pain and other life-limiting conditions in the Twin Cities for over 30 years! If you have been struggling with pain or other problems that are keeping you from the life you desire, call today for an appointment at 612-361-7781 and we will get you the relief you are looking for!




In addition to pain management, we are passionate about helping people achieve health and wellness, and know there are numerous problems that keep people from the life they desire. We have been helping our patients identify and overcome their obstacles, and are confident there is no problem we can’t help you with! With our integrated and comprehensive treatment approach, you will experience the most thorough care available, and receive a treatment plan that  will have you feeling better, both mentally and physically from your very first visit.  Call today at 612-361-7781 for an appointment and get started on your path to pain relief and improved health and wellness.

Live Healthy Pain Centers Health Services

The health care professionals at Live Healthy Pain Centers have been successfully helping people with a wide range of health concerns and issues for many years. Ranging from obesity, chronic pain, acute injuries, or mental health and addiction, there is almost no problem we have not been able to help our patients with. Here is a list of some of the services we provide:

We also treat carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, sleep problems, mood disorders, provide life coaching, and stress management counseling.


Surgery Free Pain Treatments In Apple Valley

No matter what you are dealing with, there is a very good chance that it can be treated and improved without the use of surgery. Surgery can be risky, and doesn’t always fix the problem. Take carpal tunnel syndrome, for instance. Many people can be successfully treated, avoiding surgery and the possible complications that can follow. We have found that by combining medical, chiropractic, massage and alternative methods, carpal tunnel pain improves fairly quickly. And this is just one example. We have found that many conditions show the most improvement with a treatment plan that uses a team approach, and usually avoids the need for surgery, and minimizes or eliminates the need for medications.



Call to make an appointment at 612-361-7781 today, and let our doctors apply our comprehensive approach at Live Healthy Pain Centers to identify and effectively treat your problem, giving you  the greatest chance at success, and your body the greatest  ability to heal on its own.