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Getting Answers for Why You Have Pain

At Live Healthy Pain Centers, patients come to us for many reasons, the most common being pain, and usually pain that is long-standing, and not improving with treatment elsewhere. Many of our patients have been seen by many providers, had many tests and treatments, and feel frustrated that they aren’t feeling better, and often feel they are getting worse. They are also exasperated that they haven’t been told what their condition or diagnosis is, what their options are for treatment, or whether these will be helpful.  It can be frightening and frustrating when you are suffering, don’t know what the problem is, don’t seem to be getting better, and don’t know what your options are or how to proceed.

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At Live Healthy Pain Centers, Dr. Ahlers is expert at finding answers to these questions. She provides medical consultations for a wide range of concerns and helps people find the diagnoses that explain their symptoms and conditions, interpret the results of tests they have had and explain what they mean, discuss options for treatment, and the risks and benefits of those treatments. Once the patient understands these factors, she facilitates their decision-making, helping them clarify what they want to do, or not do, next. She supports and advocates for the treatment plan they are decide on, and coaches them on how to take the next steps to make it happen.

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If you are feeling frustrated and confused that you have a chronic condition you have been tested and treated for, that seems to be getting worse, and you want answers, call today at 612-361-7781 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Leslie Ahlers. She will help you find answers, examine your options, help clarify your preferences, and support your decisions about what you want to do.