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Massage Therapy Treatments

Massage Therapy Treatment and Techniques Apple Valley, MN

It’s no secret that massage has many benefits. It has been around as a medical treatment for thousands of years and in numerous cultures. At Live Healthy Pain Center in Apple Valley, we have seen the improvement our patients experience with massage therapy, and believe it can benefit more than just your body, but also soothe the mind, relieve stress, and calm our emotions. We invite you call (952)431-5330 today to take advantage of this service.


Benefits of Massage Therapy

A massage helps people in many ways. In addition to treating and reducing pain, it can decrease and remove toxins from the body. It relaxes people, relieving tension and decreasing stress. It can improve flexibility as well as circulation. And of course, it feels incredible!

At Live Healthy Pain Centers, we offer four main types of massage therapy techniques:

  • Swedish Massage – When people think of getting a massage, Swedish massage is often what they think of. The technique uses light touch coupled with long strokes that are meant to relax muscles and get blood moving.
  • Deep Tissue – This is similar to Swedish massage, but it also uses pressure that penetrates deep into muscle areas that have significant tension built up.
  • Trigger Point – This type of massage uses isolated pressure, targeting tight muscle areas to alleviate pain that can be throughout the whole body.
  • Sports Massage – This type of massage is often used by sports trainers and physical therapists to help the body recover following physical activity. Sports place a lot of stress on the body, and joints and muscles may need to more time than they are allowed to recover. This type of massage helps that recovery, and also the stiffness that often follows heavy activity. Sports massages typically use a combination of the three types mentioned above, and are great way for your body to feel better, and get back to 100%.

To schedule your massage, call (952)431-5330 today and be on your way to improved pain, healing, and feeling better!

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Massages following Auto Accidents

Survivors of automobile accidents usually experience pain of two types; pain from injuries you can see, such as broken bones and skin, but also pain from injury to tissues you can’t see, such as muscles, ligaments, and joints. Strains, pulls, and sprains are common injuries that result from auto accidents. At Live Healthy Pain Centers, we recommend that victims of auto accidents have massages to relieve the pain and spasms experienced from these injuries. Massage is also a crucial component of healing as it reduces swelling and inflammation, and increases circulation and flexibility that may have been hampered as a result of an accident.

Massages are great for relieving tension that can linger deep in the muscles after an accident. Many times after an auto accident, pain shows up several days, weeks, months, or even years later. Having massage treatments following a car accident can reduce the likelihood of these problems, and prevent them from becoming more severe problems. The body undergoes great stress when it is injured in an auto accident. Massage can help relieve this stress, which often shows up as pain and tension in the body, and often leads to more problems as the injuries progress. Call (952)431-5330 today, and let us help your pain and spasms so you can heal and get back to life!

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Professional Massage Therapy

At Live Healthy Pain Centers-Apple Valley, we treat all sorts of injuries and ailments that are improved with massage as part of the treatment plan. We can reduce your stress, tension, and pain, improve your circulation and flexibility, and have you feeling great again. If you feel that massage therapy could help your pain, regain flexibility, and improve your vitality, call today to schedule an appointment at (952) 431-5330. Our number one goal is to have you feeling great again.