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Personal Injury Pain Relief

Personal Injury Recovery Through Chiropractic Treatment Apple Valley, MNInjuries can happen in bizarre ways sometimes. And while the story later may seem comical, the immediate aftermath can be very painful. Of course, they can also occur in defeating and sometimes violent ways. No matter how you have been injured, when you come into Live Healthy PA, we can help heal your injury with different techniques that are surgery and drug free. Through chiropractic care and massage, we get to the source of injuries to eliminate pain and help the body heal so that it can feel whole once more. So if you have a personal injury for whatever reason, come in and see us today so that you can get back to feeling good once more, free of pain. Call us at (952) 431-5330 to set up an appointment.

Drug and Surgery Free Treatments

Apart from broken bones and skin, we can treat most personal injuries that people have. Injuries from falls, bumps, twists and turns can all benefit from chiropractic and massage treatments. Our focus is on allowing the body to heal naturally. This means that we don’t use drugs or surgery. Our treatments concentrate on reducing swelling to the injured areas, which allows more oxygen to get into the soft tissue that has been injured and therefore heal faster. The body is best at healing itself, and sometimes it just needs a little boost to get moving faster. Pills and other drugs simply cover up the problem by reducing pain. And surgery can have very negative side effects, not to mention it is often unneeded. Our methods get to the root of the problem so that you can heal properly and move on with your life. If this sounds like a good solution for your personal injury, contact us today so we can get started on moving your life forward.

Chiropractic Care for Personal Injuries

Chiropractic treatment for personal injuries can greatly increase healing time for these injuries. No matter if the injury occurred to your back or you neck, your elbow or your knee, we can help treat and heal the injury so that you can get back to doing whatever it is you love. Chiropractic care focuses on restoring the spine to its proper position. When the spine is in place, everything else should be as well. But in addition to spinal work, we also focus on areas where injuries occurred. Spinal adjustments only work so well if it’s an ankle injury you are dealing with. This is why we focus on the root of the problem. Ankle, and all joint injuries, usually present themselves as a lack of flexibility. With our treatments, we restore flexibility to the affected area so that it heals properly and you can move on with your life pain free.

Massage for Personal Injuries

Injuries heal much faster when massage is incorporated into the treatment. Massage reduces stress and tension, while also increasing blood and oxygen flow to the affected areas. When this occurs, it reduces swelling and inhibits quicker healing. Massage can be light for very painful injuries, or it can be applied more firmly for injuries that are deep inside soft tissue and joints. Massage is a great accompaniment to chiropractic care for healing personal injuries.

Expert Injury Treatment

At Live Healthy PA, you will find that we can get to the root of any problem. We have both a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) on our staff and a Medical Doctor (MD). This scope of experience allows us to identify and treat most injuries with ease. We have seen many personal injuries come through our door and have always been able to tackle them. Come see us for any personal injuries you may have suffered as a result of daily life. Contact us today at (952) 431-5330 to get started on a path to recovering from your personal injury.


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