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Physical Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy Treatment for Rehabilitation Apple Valley, MNFollowing an injury, whether due to an injury from work, sports, an accident, or something that happened in your spare time, rehabilitation must begin in order to maintain as well as recover strength and flexibility while you are healing. Starting as soon as you are able improves your odds of a full recovery, and of getting back to normal as soon as possible. Rehabilitation is hard work, and not always an enjoyable experience, and we understand this, but it is a necessary part of properly recovering from injuries. If you are in need of physical rehabilitation, no matter the reason or how the injury occurred, we can help you with it. At Live Healthy Pain Centers we have helped many people in need of physical rehabilitation, and can help you recover from any injury that has debilitated you. Contact us today at (952) 222-7626 and begin your recovery.

Physical Rehabilitation after Auto Accidents

People recovering from auto accidents often must go through at least some form of physical rehabilitation, depending on the nature and extent of injuries. Back, neck, shoulder, and hip injuries are all common injuries that can occur from auto accidents and can take a lot of time to recover from. The more that can be done to increase flexibility, tone, and conditioning, the faster the healing process will go. Flexibility is increased through a number of different ways, including chiropractic treatments, massage, laser therapy, and strengthening programs. It’s our goal to help you recover from your auto accident as quickly as possible, and we have the professionals and treatment modalities most likely to be successful. So come in and see us today and get started on the road to recovery.

Auto Accidents Injury Pain Relief & Recovery Through Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

Physical Rehabilitation after Sports Injuries

Whether the injury comes from a rough hit in football or a bad slide in baseball, a quick stop in basketball or a collision on a snowboarding hill, sports injuries happen, and they need to be rehabbed properly in order to get out there again and keep competing. Or simply having fun; however it is that you enjoy the sports you play. We have seen and helped rehab many sports injuries over the years, and are confident that whatever reason brings you into our clinic, we have seen before. Dr. Massoglia is certified in International Sports Injuries, and has helped countless people recover and rehabilitated from sports and other injuries. He can help you recover from your injuries and can get you back on the field or court in no time.


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Rehabilitation after Personal Injuries

Personal Injury Recovery Through Chiropractic Treatment Apple Valley, MNInjuries happen sometimes in bizarre and unexpected ways. And sometimes they can be a major blow to your way of life, hindering your ability to enjoy life, and in some cases, impairing your ability to do even basic daily activities. Dr. Massoglia at Live Healthy Pain Centers has seen and treated many types of injuries over the years and can help you recover from your injuries. He will customize your therapy so that it meets your needs, strengthens the injured areas, and returns you to your normal way of life quickly. We know it’s no fun being sidelined, and we want to help you recover and get back to the life you desire. Call now at (952)222-7626 and we’ll help you get there!