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Sports Injury Pain Relief Treatments

Sports Injury Treatment & Therapy for Pain Relief & Recovery Apple Valley, MNNo one wants to get injured playing the sport or performing the activity that they love. But it does happen. Injuries are common when playing sports, from twisted ankles to tennis elbow, knee and other joint problems, and pulled muscles, it’s easy to get injured in high speed, contact and non-contact sports alike. At Live Healthy Pain Centers, we have treated many professional and amateur athletes for their sports injuries and general recovery. Dr. Massoglia, who is a certified International Sports Injuries physician, has successfully treated thousands of patients over the past 3 decades for their sports-related injuries. His success rate is due to the use of multiple modalities in his treatment plans, including rehabilitation, massage, medical evaluation and medications, acupuncture, and laser therapies. To maximize your odds of pain relief and recovery from your sports injury, call today at (952) 222-7626 for your appointment with Dr. Chris to begin your professional sports injury assessment and treatment..

Massage for Sports Injuries

Athletes benefit greatly from regular massage work before and after competition. Massage helps limit the impact of previous injuries and lessen the chance of acquiring new injuries as a result of competition. Pretty much every professional sports organization has a licensed and trained masseuse on staff who works regularly on their athletes to prevent new injuries and shorten recovery time after injuries. Massage helps to reduce stress and tension in soft tissues, which includes muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The stimulation of these tissues by massage increases oxygen in the muscles, helping them heal when injured by sports activities, or any activity that causes strain, micro tears, and inflammation.


That’s why massage benefits most people, not just athletes. The wear and tear our bodies experience from the stressors we encounter throughout the course of our lives, from minor or major injuries, car accidents, falls, heavy contact sports involvement, or even overweight and obesity, exerts stress that results in strain and micro tears in our soft tissues which progress over time, resulting in pain that worsens as time goes by. Thought there is a degenerative component to this problem, treatment with the modalities at Live Healthy Pain Centers alleviates that pain, helps to slow the progression of the damage, and can restore you to the quality of life you previously enjoyed.

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Chiropractic Treatment for Sports Injuries

Another non-surgical treatment option after a sports injury is chiropractic care, and has been recognized as so effective that the U.S. Olympic Committee has added it to their sport-medicine program. This is because chiropractic care has been demonstrated to greatly benefit athletes recovering from injuries as well as those dealing with pain from normal daily wear and tear. Many athletes receive regular chiropractic adjustments because they want to ensure that their bodies are in perfect alignment before starting competition. They recognize that it gives them a physical advantage that allows them to perform at peak performance, ensuring a better chance of victory.

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At Live Healthy Pain Centers, Dr. Massoglia, a chiropractor, provides assessments and treatment of sports injuries that relieve pain, encourage healing, and help prevent sports injuries. And though we don’t insist on indefinite chiropractic treatment plans, it is our opinion and observation that having regular assessments and treatments can keep your body its most resilient to stress, as well as to prevent injuries, and help heal when an injury occurs.

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