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Weight Loss Help That Works

Weight Loss Planning & Coaching Apple Valley, MNMost often people try to lose weight for appearance and self-esteem reasons. And this is good, as it’s important to be emotionally as well as physically healthy. Next to stopping smoking, losing weight can have the greatest positive impact on overall health. Healthy weight is associated with improved pain, sleep, mood, breathing, and energy.

Overweight and obesity worsen pain by putting stress on all the structures and tissues of our bodies, and by the added wear-and-tear to our joints and muscles from carrying around the extra weight. This is a problem for an alarming number of people these days, and is worsening every day. Most overweight or obese people want to lose weight, and have tried to do so, usually unsuccessfully, and become so frustrated by failed attempts that many stop trying. And, with so many weight loss plans out there, it can be difficult to know which one is best or will be a good fit for you.

At Live Healthy Pain Centers, Drs. Ahlers and Massoglia have helped many people who desire to lose weight but need a helping hand to be successful. We use and recommend the Take Shape for Life program using Medifast products because it is a proven safe, effective, nutritious, and good-tasting way to lose weight and keep it off.  And studies have demonstrated that when people have a weight loss coach on their side, they are much less likely to give up on their plan. This is because having a coach on your side means that you have someone who will always be there with you, giving you encouragement, listening to your concerns, and knowing the strategies to get  you through setbacks.

Dr. Christopher Massoglia, D.C.

Dr. Chris is a health coach for Take Shape for Life. He has personally achieved significant weight loss on this program and can help you achieve the results you desire, improving your pain, energy levels, mood, sleep and vitality. He is passionate about helping people with obesity since experiencing and witnessing so many achieve success and improved health learning and practicing the Habits of Health from the Take Shape for Life program. He can help you determine how much weight you need to lose to reduce your pain, improve your health, wellness and longevity, and help you come up with a treatment plan to accomplish that goal.

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Weight Loss Plateau & Laser-Like Therapy

One frustrating thing about losing weight is that at some point, everyone comes to a plateau. This is when you keep doing the same things that you were doing to lose weight, but it’s no longer working. You stay at the same weight no matter what you try. Oftentimes, this is when people give up, either dieting, exercise, or both.

At Live Healthy Pain Centers, we have the latest technology in laser light therapy that is proven to get results, especially when used together with the Healthy Habits of Take Shape for Life and Medifast products.  Laser light therapy is approved by the FDA and targets fat cells in trouble areas where fat wants to stick around, such as in the belly, hips, and thighs. Laser light therapy is not designed to be used alone for weight loss, but is an accompaniment to these methods. It can give you visible results that are guaranteed to help you lose 2-6 dress or pant sizes in 6 weeks.That’s right- GUARANTEED!

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