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Work Related Injury Pain Relief

Work Injury Pain Relief Treatments Apple Valley, MinnesotaAs much as we’ve tried to increase safety measures over the years, there are still many injuries and conditions that cause people pain related to their work. Even in low-risk jobs such as office settings, injuries and pain conditions often occur. At Live Healthy Pain Centers, we have brought relief to people with many types of work injuries with our comprehensive, integrated and holistic treatment approach. Due to the time, energy, and financial problems that often result from work injuries, they can be incredibly stressful and debilitating. Utilizing a combination of modalities, including chiropractic care, massage, acupuncture, laser treatments, medical evaluation, and medications when appropriate, we quickly improve pain and disability, minimizing time away from work, saving you lost time and money.

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 Treatment of Work Injuries

When someone is injured on the job, they can be out of commission for several months. And though worker’s compensation is often available to help with medical bills and living expenses while someone is on the mend, it doesn’t guarantee you will fully recover or live your life as you did before. At Live Healthy Pain Centers, we use a comprehensive, integrated and holistic care approach involving chiropractic, medical, massage, acupuncture, detox, and laser treatments that greatly enhance healing time for injuries related to work accidents. These minimize the need for drugs or surgery, and have the greatest likelihood of helping you rehabilitate so you can resume your life and the activities you most enjoy.

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We have treated many types of work related injuries at Live Healthy Pain Centers. Many of these injuries are the result of repetitive activities that strain the muscles, tendons, and nerves, eventually wearing down the joints and connective tissues involved in that activity. This creates undue stress that pulls and strains these body parts, resulting in pain, stiffness, and limited ability to do your work. Without appropriate treatment, it can worsen to the point that it even interferes with your usual daily activities, such as cleaning, cooking, dressing, and bathing.

The most common of these injuries involve the back and wrists, frequently effecting those who work in offices and on computers. However, any joint or tissue can be affected. We have been able to successfully help many patients improve their pain and disability from these problems, and we can help you, too.

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Massage Treatment for Work Injuries

In addition to being great for relaxation and stress reduction, massage is also a very beneficial treatment for work injuries. The more stress and tension that we can remove from the body, the faster it heals. Massage helps injured soft tissues heal faster because the rubbing improves circulation of blood containing oxygen, nutrients, and healing factors to those tissues.  At Live Healthy Pain Centers, we incorporate regularly scheduled therapeutic massage into the treatment plan of our patients with work injuries because we have found it significantly increases the rate of healing, return to work, and back to living your life.

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